What do French people eat for breakfast?

  • Daily breakfast regime in France
  • Boulangeries in Lyon and the beloved baguette 
  • French weekend getaway and ordering breakfast
  • Room service breakfast
  • Eating like French children

Daily breakfast is light

Enjoy a romantic weekend gateway in Paris and you’ll find that Parisians tend to eat a very light breakfast. Travel towards the South by TGV and you’ll notice that this is also true of the French foodies of Lyon. The daily breakfast regime in France is simple and easy to adapt to. Whilst breakfast in many other European countries is likely to include fried food, meat and vegetables, a typical petit déjeuner in France consists of a slice of bread or croissant and a cup of black coffee.


Boulangeries and baguettes

Tourists and locals alike will start the day with a fresh baguette from a local boulangerie in Lyon. During the week bakers will start working at 4AM. Early birds may smell the comforting aroma of fresh baguettes, croissants, brioches and other delightful pastries, but it is generally from 6AM that the doors officially open.

Bread production is taken very seriously and talented French bakers compete each year to win the first prize for the best baguette or croissant.


Founder of Maison POZZOLI and winner of Meilleur Ouvrier de FRANCE 2004 craftsmanship award, François Pozzoli pictured with his family.

Arts Hotels is conveniently located near the following local bakeries:

  • Maison POZZOLI, 18 Rue Ferrandière, 69002 Lyon
  • Boulangerie, 38 Rue Ferrandière, 69002 Lyon
  • Paul, 5 Rue de Brest, 69002 Lyon

Breakfast on the weekend

Arts Hotels offers an exceptional location for a relaxing weekend breakfast. Whether you decide to take a stroll towards the Marché Saint-Antoine Célestins (on the riverbank of the Saône) to buy fresh produce and flowers; enjoy a terrace breakfast at a local café; or perhaps not get out of bed at all and indulge in breakfast-in-bed, you will benefit from a central position in the heart of Lyon.


From the the comfort of your fully appointed suit or luxury city apartment you can order breakfast to be delivered at your convenience. In the spirt of French romance why not treat your significant other to a romantic surprise during a short-stay in the Presqu’île.

Room service breakfast

You have the option to have your breakfast delivered or to enjoy a generous brunch during your stay in Lyon.*

City breakfast professionals that are passionate about breakfast ingredients deliver** straight to your door:

Eating like French children

French children are happy eaters. From the age of 3, children in France will have a tartine (toasted bread with jam or chocolate spread) with milk or hot chocolate and a fruit compote. Even if there is a rush to get to the the airport or train station, children can enjoy a quick and healthy breakfast.


*Legal mention: At Arts Hotels Lyon breakfast is not offered. Guests are provided with an individual cooking space. Each suites and apartment has an individual Italian kitchenette, fully equipped with a ceramic electric hob, microwave, fridge and cooker hood is available.

**Legal mention: the service provided is independent to the Art Hotels establishment. No commission or other award is received.